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Baby Gender Selection Program:

HOW to Conceive a Baby Boy or Girl in 3 Simple Steps:

  STEP #1: Testing you pH Level

In order for you to test your pH level, you have to buy specific pH test strips. Those strips are the most accurate ones on the market today
and they're the only ones you can use along with our baby gender selection kit to guarantee your success.

Those pH test strips are sold by a reputable company and they provide excellent customer service. They also ship worldwide. You will purchase those pH test strips from 'them' (not us). It will cost you less than $15 USD for the strips and the shipping fees depend on where you live and how fast you want to receive your package.

Once you buy our baby gender selection kit (which is a 'digital' product delivered 'online' via a private/password protected 'members only' area) we will provide you with all the instructions you need for this important 'pH level' step of the process.

    pH Level Test Kit:

  • Exactly which pH test strips you need for accurate results and where to buy them ($15 for 90 pH strips / Ships Worldwide)
  • Color chart to analyze your test results
  • Calculation grid to determine your pH level
  • Complete easy-to-follow instructions
  • The optimal pH level required to conceive a Boy or a Girl
  • 100% safe & natural methods to adjust your pH level

This Kit will not only tell you what is your pH level but it will also give
you complete instructions and guidelines (100% safe and natural) on exactly HOW to adjust and maintain your pH level in the optimal zone required to conceive the desired gender (if needed).

You MUST test your pH level each month for 5 consecutive days
PRIOR to attempting conception on the 'Crucial Dates'.

  STEP #2: Adjusting your pH Level

Now that you have completed your pH level test and have your results...


#1  If your pH level is already in the appropriate "Optimal Zone"...

Congratulations !
You can go to STEP #3  right now and try to conceive on the
next set of 'Crucial Dates'!

#2  If your pH level is NOT in the appropriate "optimal zone"...

You MUST adjust your pH level BEFORE trying to conceive on our
now famous and renown 'Crucial Dates'. There is absolutely NO
way around it! (It will make ALL the difference between success
or failure for you...)

Simply use the free 100% Safe and Natural method provided in
the 'pH Level Test Kit' above (Step #1).

  STEP #3: Conceiving on the 'Crucial Dates'

Now that your body is in "top condition" to favor the conception of
the desired gender, you are ready to start trying to conceive using
our famous Program's "Crucial Dates".

    "Crucial Dates" to Conceive the Desired Gender


    Full access to our unique and proven "Crucial Dates" to conceive
    the desired gender (Boy OR Girl).

    Those 'Crucial Dates' have been adding 'PINK' and 'BLUE' to 39,526
    happy families Worldwide since 1996!


    Complete instructions on exactly how to use your set of crucial
    dates each month (do's and don'ts).

* BONUS Gift *

You will receive 3 'Welcome' GIFTS:

"How to Prevent & Cure Morning Sickness" (eBook - 44 pages)

"Healthy pregnancy WITHOUT extra pounds" (Report)

"TOP 500 Baby (Boy or Girl) Names of the Year" (List)


~ Gender Selection Kit ~

(Including Step 1-2-3 + Bonus Gifts above...)


        $139: 1-Month Supply KIT

        $199: 3-Month Supply KIT

* Amount is Dollars for CA/US/AU/NZ residents and Pounds for ALL other countries *
Example: 3-month Plan: $199USD (CA/US/AU/NZ) / 199GBP (other countries)

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