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'Baby Gender Selection KIT'

YES !  Please accept our application to become members to
your program and to use your proven Baby Gender Selection Kit to
conceive our next baby.

We understand that this gender selection kit includes BOTH the
pH Level Test Kit AND the 'Crucial Dates' (for the number of months
we will select in the order form) to conceive the desired gender.

We understand that this baby gender selection kit is a digital
(not physical) product. It will NOT be mailed/shipped. It will be
delivered to the EMAIL address we will provide in the order form.

***  IMPORTANT -- Please read...  ***

Please make sure to be EXTRA careful when filling out the order form to make
sure that your EMAIL address is accurate. If you make a mistake, you will not
receive your product and we won't be able to reach you either.

Please make sure to check the SPAM folder of your email account as well, just
in case our email was accidentally filtered as Junk/Spam mail.

Please note that Hotmail - Yahoo - AOL - Rediffmail and other similar FREE email
accounts will most likely filter or even completely delete our email before it even
reaches your inbox because it contains the words 'sex' and 'baby'. Make sure to
provide us with an 'alternate' (2nd) email address, as required in the order form.

Also please note...

This 'Baby Gender Selection Kit' you are purchasing today is based on a ONE time fee. It means that your credit card will be charged only ONCE and will never be charged again, unless you place a new order yourself by filling out another order form in the future.

READY to add some "PINK" OR "BLUE" into your Family ?

Fill out the 'ORDER Form' below...

(ALL your information is kept 100% CONFIDENTIAL)

Please read the instructions below FIRST!

Please COMPLETELY fill out the 'Order Form' below and make sure to
DOUBLE-CHECK all your information for accuracy.

At the very end of the form, you have to click on the 'Continue' button. Once you'll do that, you will be redirected to a DRAFT copy of your Order Form for you to review.

Please make sure to carefully review the information you entered prior
to hitting the 'SUBMIT' button on the 2nd page. Thank you.

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Secure Transaction Guaranteed   Secure Transaction GUARANTEED!

"We will strictly protect all personal information and
will not sell or disclose all or in part to any third party."


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